Ph.D. Research

Magmatic history of the paleo-Pacific margin of Gondwana

Northern Victoria Land ©

Northern Victoria Land

  • Linking the magmatic record between the Transantarctic Mountains and Australia
  • Evidence for a magmatic “flare-up” in the Carboniferous


Miller Range ©

Miller Range/central Transantarctic Mountains

  • Revealing the pre-Ross magmatic and metamorphic history of the East Antarctic Craton


Queen Maud Mountains ©

Queen Maud Mountains

  • Quantifying the mantle contribution to Ross Orogen magmatism


Undergraduate Mentoring

  • Ted Brown – UCSB undergraduate research
  • Aran Mazariegos – UCSB Undergraduate research
  • Nicole Aikin – UCSB Senior Honors Thesis (2018-19)
    • Reconnaissance geochronology of the Ohio Range, southern Horlick Mountains, Antarctica
  • Charu Garapaty – CSEP and CNSI EUREKA! intern (summer 2018)
    • Early Undergraduate Research and Knowledge Acquisition
  • CJ Lemler – UCSB Senior Honors Thesis (2017-18)
    • U-Pb geochronology and whole-rock geochemistry of orthogneisses in the Miller Range, Antarctica

  • Josh Hoeflich- UCSB undergraduate research
  • Kayla Leal- UCSB undergraduate research
  • Gin Li- UCSB undergraduate research
  • Bettie Coy- UCSB undergraduate research
  • Matt Mazzoni – UCSB undergraduate research