Current research (2015-present)
Magmatic history of the paleo-Pacific margin of GondwanaCopyright of

ERI Summer Grants:
University of California – Santa Barbara
Advisor: Dr. John Cottle

Bachelor of Arts Honors Thesis (2010-2011)
Using epibiont successional patterns to determine the mode of accumulation of Late Pleistocene fossil reefs

 Me at Curacao
Cornell College
Advisor: Dr. Ben Greenstein
Me at Curacao

Curacao field area

National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (2009)
Analyzing charcoal from lacustrine sediments as a proxy for Holocene fire history from northwestern Wisconsin

University of Minnesota
LacCore: National Lacustrine Core Facility
Advisors: Randy Calcote & Dr. Marc Hirschmann
Wisconsin REU
Me at Wisconsin REU

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