Day 10 and still going strong!

Day 10 and still going stong! Ater having the weekend free to leisurely read books and play rummy, Aaron and I have been partaken in a variety of tasks so far this week. Monday we spent our work time picking coffee again. I hope those coffee-drinkers out there understand all the work involved in making a single cup of joe. The newer plants produce more berries than the older ones, but the berries all mature at different rates. This requires hand-picking little grape-sized berries from ten foot tall plants amongst spider ridden death traps (though I am kidding on the death traps. Despite the overwelming appearance of the giant spiders, they really do try to avoid us. Not that that has changed my fear of running face first into the thick yellow web of a creepy spider). Once you have been picking for hours, you realize how insignificant the amount of coffee seems (and this is before the several protective layers have been dehusked to produce an even smaller amount of coffee beans). It has been fun though. We also planted Guava trees along the river to help enforce the natural banks of the river from severe erosion when La Niña-induced flash floods take out 1.5 foot thick cement detaining walls. We also assisted in the porduction of homemade marmalade this morning with Alicia. Alicia and Orlando Falco are the owners and operators of Rumi Wilco. They have a nice ecolodge set-up for visitors and the potential researcher, as well as a magnificant preservation of natural fauna and flora. When we are out picking coffee, I am amazed at the number of butterflies effortlessly gliding through the myraid of spider webs like little trapeze artists. Anyways, we are off for more relaxation. Vilcabamba is apparently famous for its tranquility and the longevity of its residents. Though we have been told that has resulted in a large influx of foreigners moving to Vilcabamba for retirement or to raise families away from the wastefulness of the U.S.

2 thoughts on “Day 10 and still going strong!

  1. Glad they finally located your bags and that the experience of survival has been good. I for one appreciate what goes into my coffee beans that I love so much. Thank you for picking a few.


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