Home sweet home.

In all my excitement to go home, I forgot to make a final post. That is right, I am officially back in the U.S., in the one and only Colby, Kansas. I will be living with my parents (though not in their basement…) for the next couple months until I move to Colorado. I will be making a big step toward adulthood and maturity by starting a real job and living in my own place. How exciting…

To wrap things up, my last week in Buenos Aires was fantastic. I finished visiting the different neighborhoods: San Telmo, La Boca, Recoletta, and Palermo. I went to two Tango dinner shows (AMAZING!). I also caught a few fairs in the neighborhoods. Though I must say the highlight finale was going to the Lujan Zoo, where I interacted with lions, tigers, elephants, snakes, an iguana, ferret, and more within their cages! I kissed a lion on the face and he simply blinked at me; I played tug-of-war with four month old tigers; and a full grown elephant ate from my hand! It was the best way I could have spent my last day in South America.

Leaving South America was the strangest sensation. To have been gone ten months and then suddenly leave. No grand send off, no goodbye party. Equally strange was arriving to Denver International Airport to the welcoming party of my one friend Caryl Abeyta. However, a low key reintroduction was just what the doctor ordered. I had just over a week to see friends in Colorado and relax with no pressure to do anything or be anywhere. I loved seeing my friends but now I am starting the slow life in Colby. My immediate plans are to do a little work to flush out the bank account before my move to CO.

That is it. My grand adventure has come to a close. Thank you to those who actually read along. 🙂

The End.

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