Mount Democrat (14,148′) – Mount Cameron (14,238′) – Mount Lincoln (14,286′) – Mount Bross (14,172′)

Mount Democrat (14,148′) – Mount Cameron (14,238′) – Mount Lincoln (14,286′) – Mount Bross (14,172′)

  • Class 2
  • Exposure 2
  • 3,700 ft elevation gain
  • 7.25 miles
  • Mosquito Range
  • Closest town: Alma
  • Kite Lake TH – Kite Lake Route
My first go at the Colorado 14ers, bagged four in one day. Despite this loop being considered extremely easy, I still feel quite accomplished. It was also the perfect way to ignite my motivation to start training for the Colorado Trail. Photographs to accompany soon.
I drove from Denver that morning, was on the trailhead by 6 AM, knocked out the peaks in the order above, and made it back to my car by 11 AM. After perusing other hiking accounts for summiting, it is apparently customary to have summit times and distances. I attempted to map the hike with my running app, but it gave out or lost signal 2/3 of the way through. Next time I will try to have better documentation. I also caused a blunder of my own by not charging my camera battery. It of course died at the top of Mount Cameron. I used my phone at Mount Lincoln, but it stopped working on the saddle to Mount Bross. I did have a backup pocket camera but left it on the front passenger seat in the vehicle. C’est la vie. I am sure to have more experiences in kind the first couple times out until I remember my hiking legs. 🙂
I planned out a few grouped 14ers I would like to accomplish this summer. They can be found on my Colorado 14ers page.

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