Chicago Lakes

Chicago Lakes day hike

9.7 miles
2,270 ft elevation gain

I went with some friends. We started at Echo Lake Park and took the trail to the upper lake of the two. This was really just a relaxing morning hike. There were lots of people around. Many trail runners finished the trail up to Mount Evans rather than retracing their steps back. At the end, our end point at least, we relaxed and spent an hour or more exploring which is not part of the total distance nor elevation tally.

Today was a test of minimalist and not taking extra food to snack on. I of course will very carefully plan out my meals and snacks while thru hiking, but it is good to know what it is like to be hungry and see how well your body can function still. It is also a good reminder while preparing that ‘yes, you will want that extra Pop Tart and chocolate bar. That only equals 400 calories? Better add an extra of each then.’ Mini test hikes are the best way to test out gear and techniques without actually putting yourself into harms way. As with all skill sets, the best way to make a motion a habit is practice, practice, practice. Beyond that, however, it is also an excellent habit to try new things and expand your knowledge.

Short installment, but it was also a short trip. Nice to get out for a hike and still have most of the day remaining for other fun activities. 🙂

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