How to be an Antarctic skidoo mechanic


Yesterday we had an adventurous skidoo day. It started with a toppled skidoo at our first stop of the day and ended with the discovery that one of the rear suspensions on the skidoo had busted. Today we fixed it. Since it was 20 knot winds blowing heaps of snow, we came up with a plan. We would put the skidoo into the tent where we would all be protected. We cleared out half of the Endurance tent (our main kitchen and work tent) and we dug out the makeshift toilet (installed behind the Endurance tent when the winds ripped the toilet tent to shreds). Then we unzipped the tent from its base and literally drove the skidoo into the tent. We jacked up the rear of the skidoo with rock boxes, unscrewed the back wheel axle, removed the right rear suspension, put on the spare, and viola! We fixed the skidoo! And then we broke a tiny plastic piece that holds the suspension arm stationary in the process. That piece isn’t operation critical, so our mission was a success! Top most ridiculous moment of the season so far.

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