It’s over just like that


We are back in McMurdo and the process happened quite quickly. On the 10th, it only took three Twin Otter flights to move back to Shackleton Camp. I am beginning to think of Shackleton as the resort of Antarctica, a peaceful and secluded place with all the desired amenities (though lacking WiFi). We had two overnights to re-pack bags, palletize our cargo, shower (with soap this time!), and decompress after coming out of the field. Today we loaded onto an LC-130 and arrived at McMurdo this afternoon. The whole trip seems like a blur. But just like that, the whole season is over, and we are preparing for our departure off of this continent. The end of one adventure always leads into another, but I cannot help feeling a more solid finality for this one. I do not know if I will ever return to this place. I do not foresee my return right now. Though I am also not one to set my future in stone.

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