Christchurch to Ashburton – 58 miles

Christchurch to Ashburton – 58 miles

Yesterday we arrived safely at Christchurch in the LC130. Demian and I collected our bags and headed for the hotel. They booked us at the Sudima Hotel, across the street from the CDC. Perfect distance! I think I literally slept most of the 8 hour flight back to New Zealand. LC130’s are loud and our flight was full. So piled in like sardines, shoulder-to-shoulder and knees-across-knees, I tried my best curl up on my mesh space and slept hard. Despite that nap, I was feeling pretty worn out still. At the hotel, I emptied my bags on the floor, changed into a dress, and watched movies while I attempted to pack and sort out my bike trip items. When I could no longer hold off hunger, I went and found Demian. We walked over to Little India for supper. I stopped at the grocery to buy razors, a pint of ice cream, and snacks for my trip. My legs haven’t seen daylight or a shave for over two months now. It was time. Anyways, this morning I had ambitions for an early start on my cycling trip. Instead I arrived at the CDC to drop off my bags and received the message that travel needed to see me. They needed to push my flights a day later and then actually book them. I sat waiting until just after 1PM. So much for a strong first day. I road straight through all afternoon until stopping for supper at Robbie’s Bar & Bistro in Ashburton. I looked at my distances and decided to stop for the day at Tinwald Camping Ground in Ashburton. It is a lovely place, and the owner is quite friendly and encouraging about my trip. For $16 NZD I have a camp site, shower, outlets, and TV room. After a quick shower I retired to the TV room where I am watching National Treasure with Nicholas Cage and charging my battery. My goal is to sleep early and hit the road early tomorrow. Day one done. My pelvis feels bruised, my quads are tight, my hands are still numb, and in my typical style, I am sunburned. About 300 miles to go!

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