Kaka Point to Dunedin – 75 miles

Kaka Point to Dunedin

Happy New Zealand New Year! I feel like I am in the future because all my loved ones are up to a whole day behind me.

My first and only sight for the day was Nugget Point. It was supposed to also include spotting yellow-eyed penguins from the Roaring Bay hide shack, but no penguins. There were a bunch of fur seals to the far side of the bay, which likely contribute to the lack of daytime penguin sightings since they should be nesting babies this time of year. It was a nice hike up to the lighthouse looking over the “nuggets” or all the tiny rock islands poking up from the point. The best part was that I left most of my bike load at the campground. It was a fast 12 miles without all the weight I normally have.

I then rode to Balclutha. 26 miles I should have accomplished yesterday. I likely would have seen penguins if I had gone last night. As I was turning up the road north I remembered that this stretch heading south was some of the worst head winds. No surprise then that I again had some of the worst head winds. It’s like the puppet master pulling the weather strings sees a cyclist and says, “yeah, let’s ruin that person’s day!” I am literally traveling on the same road but in the opposite direction as my ride south, I am supposed to have tail winds! I stopped at the Captain’s Cafe and Bar for lunch. Really nice lunch special of some local brand of fish. Trying to get in my fish options before leaving the country. I then found everything closed, but New World Market was open and they had an iPhone cable, since mine broke last night. Unfortunately no allergy medicine though. My eyes itch with an annoying fierceness and my nose has taken to running.

Onward to Dunedin. I forgot how sore my bottom was from riding long distances without all the stopping for fun side trips. I made it to Dunedin just in time to catch the last spot on the last tour of the day at the Cadbury World chocolate factory. So much chocolate! They literally give you a whole bag of chocolates. As well as a cup to drink as much liquid chocolate as you want while on the tour. And it ends with a ridiculous giant chocolate fountain pouring down the center of an old silo. It was a pretty cool tour altogether. I wish I had caught the Speights Brewery tour after that but no luck.

I am staying at the On Top Backpackers. Apparently everything is closed in Dunedin today too. No pharmacy was open, the camp ground I wanted was closed, and the first hostel up a big hill was booked out. There also weren’t any bike shops open, which I will have to stop at tomorrow. My low gears have decided to stop being functional. Which really makes hills a disappointment when I down-shift and the chain catches causing the pedals to lock up (second gear) or nothing happens at all except an annoying clicking sound (first gear). I am dying of this hay fever business too. It is seriously making breathing a challenge. Bitter sweet thoughts about this vacation ending.

I had a really nice and very filling feast for supper on Indian food. I may need to designate a new food group just for naan. Nice quiet eatery though. The hostel is relatively busy and I am not in a socializing mood. Boo to my allergy-induced poor mood!

The hostel is relatively nice to be in. It has free wifi, a large common area with comfy couches, and breakfast in the AM. My room is hot though, not sure how that will go with my wheezing…

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