The Final Mileage

My official CT mileage log.

Day One: 23 mi
Day Two: 26 mi
Day Three: 27 mi
Day Four: 28 mi
Day Five: 19.5 mi, morning in Breckenridge
Day Six: 22.5 mi
Day Seven: 25 mi
Day Eight: 32 mi
Day Nine: 27 mi
Day Ten: 22.5 mi, afternoon in Salida

Day Eleven: Zero, all day Salida
Day Twelve: 37 mi
Day Thirteen: 37.5 mi and getting lost
Day Fourteen: 20 mi
Day Fifteen: 30 mi and San Luis Peak (14014′)
Day Sixteen: 22.5 mi
Day Seventeen: 25 mi, afternoon in Silverton
Day Eighteen: 15.5 mi, morning in Silverton
Day Nineteen: 37 mi
Day Twenty: 22 mi and Durango!
485 miles of the CT complete!

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