Care Packages!

Care Packages!
Care packages!
Care packages!
Care packages!

Many members of my wonderful family and friend group have expressed desire to send me care packages along my journey. This kind gesture is not expected, but will be greatly appreciated!

In an attempt to eliminate extraneous items in care packages, I am maintaining a “Things I am Craving” list below. Since my home, food, and every possession is carried on my back, please be conscious of what you send my way.

Things I am Craving:

  • Fresh squeezed, iced lemonade.
  • Iced sun tea.
  • Fresh Veggie-filled salad with avocado!
  • Cookies!!! (especially with oats)


My agenda has modified some from my potential timeframe. I am on the more luxury pace now. Please ask for my updated agenda link if you are planning to send anything.

If you fall into the category of wanting to send me goodies, please read and understand the following very carefully.

  • Here is my “Possible” PCT Agenda. It contains blue highlighted cells indicating if I can receive a care package at a town stop. I did not post dates on the ETA’s; if you would like the official agenda, please ask and I will email the list to you.
  • I have to ask for all my mail, so please do not send “surprise” packages.
  • Text or email me to let me know you sent a care package and where it was sent to.
  • The ETA’s on my mail drop list are estimates. I may be a week early or late. You can follow my Facebook page for “up-to-date” locations for adjusting ETA dates.
  • Always use USPS Priority Mail for boxes (unless the address is listed as UPS-only). Hint: Regional Box A1 and Regional Box B1 are cheaper than Flat Rate Medium and Flat Rate Large.
  • Never use USPS Standard Post. NEVER!
  • Letters can be sent USPS First Class.
  • Use the addresses exactly as shown on my mail drop list.
  • Write “Hold for PCT Hiker. ETA: MM/DD/YY” on every package/letter.
  • Unless specific notes are indicated by the mail address on the agenda, mail packages/letters 10-14 days in advance. 
  • Try to make your box/envelope unique and easily identifiable. The mailing locations receive heaps of packages for other hikers and may misplace a nondescript box/envelope. Another great idea is writing my name on all four sides of the box.
  • DO NOT put a signature requirement on any box/letter no matter what mailing method you use.
If anything is confusing, please contact me and I will attempt to clarify. 🙂

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