PCT By the Numbers and Final PCT Mileage Log

PCT By the Numbers:

2478.7 – Total hiked miles (including side trips).

188.5 – Closed miles for fire.
114 – Total days (May 3-Aug 24).
20.9 – Hitched miles.
44 – Town stops.
15 – Neros (<18).
14 – Zeros (<4).
Final PCT Mileage Log:
Day One Hundred Fourteen: ZERO Home
Day One Hundred Thirteen: 15 miles Northern Terminus
Day One Hundred Twelve: ZERO Manning Park
Day One Hundred Eleven: ZERO Seattle
Day One Hundred Ten: 22.1 miles Dinsmores in Baring/Skykomish
Day One Hundred Nine: 27.5 miles
Day One Hundred Eight: 21.7 miles
Day One Hundred Seven: 16.5 miles Snoqualmie Pass
Day One Hundred Six: 29.9 miles
Day One Hundred Five: 26.2 miles
Day One Hundred Four: 26.4 miles
Day One Hundred Three: 20.6 miles White Pass
Day One Hundred Two: 25.4 miles
Day One Hundred One: 25.6 miles
Day One Hundred: 30.7 miles
Day Ninety-nine: 27.0 miles
Day Ninety-eight: 19.4 miles
Day Ninety-seven: ZERO miles Portland
Day Ninety-six: ZERO miles Portland
Day Ninety-five: ZERO miles Portland
Day Ninety-four: ZERO miles Portland
Day Ninety-three: 28.1 miles Cascade Locks
Day Ninety-two: 21.8 miles
Day Ninety-one: 34.7 miles Timberline Lodge
Day Ninety: 34.9 miles Olallie Lake Resort
Day Eighty-nine: 32.5 miles
Day Eighty-eight: 30.1 miles Big Lake Youth Camp
Day Eighty-seven: 30.5 miles
Day Eighty-six: 34.5 miles Shelter Cove Resort
Day Eighty-five: 36.5 miles
Day Eighty-four: 33.9 miles Rim Village
Day Eighty-three: 28.0 miles Crater Lake National Park Mazama Village
Day Eighty-two: 43.0 miles
Day Eighty-one: 32.0 miles
Day Eighty: 22.6 miles Callahan’s Siskiyou Lodge
Day Seventy-nine: 35.9 miles OREGON (mile 1689.2)
Day Seventy-eight: 21.6 miles Seiad Valley
Day Seventy-seven: 31.6 miles
Day Seventy-six: 7.6 miles
Day Seventy-five: 50.2 miles Etna
Day Seventy-four: 38.4 miles
Day Seventy-three: 10.0 miles
Day Seventy-two: 18.1 miles Castella/Mt. Shasta/Dunsmuir
Day Seventy-one 35.6 miles
Day Seventy: 31.0 miles
Day Sixty-nine: 25.4 miles Burney Falls State Park
Day Sixty-eight: 35.7 miles Old Station
Day Sixty-seven: 17.2 miles Drakesbad Guest Ranch
Day Sixty-six: 33.4 miles
Day Sixty-five: 20.4 miles
Day Sixty-four: ZERO miles Sacramento
Day Sixty-three: ZERO miles Sacramento
Day Sixty-two: ZERO miles Sacramento
Day Sixty-one: ZERO miles Sacramento
Day Sixty: 21.5 miles Braatens in Belden
Day Fifty-nine: 28.5 miles
Day Fifty-eight: 29.1 miles
Day Fifty-seven: 20.6 miles Sierra City
Day Fifty-six: 25.7 miles
Day Fifty-five: 2.0 miles
Day Fifty-four: 21.4 miles Auburn
Day Fifty-three: 34.1 miles
Day Fifty-two: 9.5 miles
Day Fifty-one: 22.1 miles Echo Lake/South Lake Tahoe
Day Fifty: 44.0 miles
Day Forty-nine: 23.4 miles North Kennedy Meadows Resort
Day Forty-eight: 34.4 miles
Day Forty-seven: 25.9 miles
Day Forty-six: 26.0 miles Tuolumne
Day Forty-five: 10.1 miles
Day Forty-four: 19.5 miles Mammoth Lakes
Day Forty-three: 31.3 miles
Day Forty-two: 27.4 miles
Day Forty-one: 28.7 miles
Day Forty: 18.3 miles
Day Thirty-nine: ZERO miles Bishop/Independence
Day Thirty-eight: 21.4 miles Bishop
Day Thirty-seven: 23.9 miles Mt. Whitney
Day Thirty-six: 16.6 miles
Day Thirty-five: 22.4 miles
Day Thirty-four: 26.2 miles
Day Thirty-three: 8.7 miles Kennedy Meadows
Day Thirty-two: 30.0 miles
Day Thirty-one: 27.7 miles
Day Thirty: 30.1 miles
Day Twenty-nine: 23.1 miles
Day Twenty-eight: 19.4 miles
Day Twenty-seven: 7.9 miles Tehachapi
Day Twenty-six: 4.7 miles Tehachapi
Day Twenty-five: 26.8 miles
Day Twenty-four: 28.8 miles Hikertown
Day Twenty-three: 18.6 miles Casa de Luna
Day Twenty-two: 22.0 miles Agua Dulce
Day Twenty-one: 8.0 miles Acton KOA
Day Twenty: 28.9 miles
Day Nineteen: 23.9 miles
Day Eighteen: 14.6 miles
Day Seventeen: 25.1 miles Wrightwood
Day Sixteen: 26.3 miles
Day Fifteen: 23.4 miles
Day Fourteen: 28.6 miles
Day Thirteen: ZERO miles Big Bear Lake
Day Twelve: 19.6 miles Big Bear Lake
Day Eleven: 26.4 miles
Day Ten: 23 miles Ziggy and the Bear
Day Nine: 19.3 miles
Day Eight: 18.0 miles Idlewild
Day Seven: 28.0 miles
Day Six: 5.5 miles
Day Five: 17.7 miles Warner Springs
Day Four: 28.0 miles
Day Three: 22.3 miles
Day Two: 21.4 miles Mt. Laguna
Day One: 20.0 miles Lake Mirena

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