PCT reunion hike day two (mile 2471.3-2495.7)

Day Two
29 August 2016
Mile 2471.3-2495.7
Day total 24.4
Tally 34.1 miles
Total up/down: +6393/-5564ft
Camp: Glacier Peak Wilderness
LL: 47.996623, -121.121417

I realized today how much I have been holding onto these last 200 miles. I put my life on hold, waiting to think about what adventure I will do next. Today my brain has been flooded with all these ideas of what to do while in grad school. School is my priority, so I am at peace with the fact that I won’t be hiking a long trail in the next few years. But that doesn’t mean I am prevented from adventuring. I need to find ventures that can be crammed into one or two weeks.

I am thinking that next summer I want to drive up to Washington to climb Mount Adams and to Oregon to climb Mount Hood. Then I will slowly work my way back to SB while climbing all the major peaks in between. I have been thinking a long time on climbing each state’s highest peak. I have a few in the books, but I think it’s time to start bagging some more. I am also thinking I could drive back to CO to finish up the fourteeners the summer after that. This summer the record for self-supported and all human-powered climbing of 57 fourteeners was completed in 31 days 8 hours by Joe Grant. This is an incredible feat, and equally inspiring, to get out there myself. I also really want to hike other trails like the CDT, TA in New Zealand, Heyduke, and AZT. I also want to cycle from Washington to Florida. This fall I will spend a couple months in Antarctica, doing top secret geology things. I am super excited! After getting off the ice, I plan to spend about two weeks cycling across New Zealand. All of these ambitions require me to get my ass into gear. No more laziness or crappy food. Hopefully the lure for adventure will keep my motivation going strong! And of course, you can stay tuned here to follow along!

I am too tired to write more. Sorry.

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