Kilimanjaro trek day four – Kibo Tarn Camp

Kilimanjaro trek day four – Kibo Tarn Camp

Today I woke at 6AM. I am not sure why, but I have woken before my alarm every day this week. I had a beautiful sunrise this morning. Mawenzi’s face brightly lit with the rising sun. Camp came alive early this morning too. We only had a very short distance to the base camp. We had great views over the vast alpine desert saddle to Kibo. Kilimanjaro also has Africa’s only glaciers. Those glaciers are responsible for forming the valleys and canyons, eroding and smoothing the mountain around Kibo into gentle undulations. As we hiked along, all the porters and groups in front looked like a long line of ants heading to Kibo Camp. The whole distance visible. I passed the British group to receive warm hello’s from Graham and Phoebe. I am glad I met another group I might share the summit with. Jeff and Patty will spend an extra acclimation day at Kibo Camp, so I will see them today and tomorrow before my group begins the journey down. We also saw buffalo tracks cutting across the trail! Very interesting to think those behemoths saunter up this mountain like no big deal. Urio says they only move around at night, when it is cooler.

Kibo Hut (Camp)
4720 meters amsl
8.5 km from Mawenzi Camp

Kibo Camp is where the Nalemuru/Rongai route meets the Marangu route. The Marangu route has shelters the whole way up, so it is pretty popular and heavily used. Our camp felt like it tripled. Since we arrived so early, I was able to watch most of that morning’s summiters as they returned to camp. There were heaps of porters waiting around the camp for their tourists to return so they could continue the day’s agenda down to Horombo Camp. Camp is nicely nestled at the base of the Kibo crater wall. The path tomorrow will go pretty straight up, then a traverse around to the true peak.

There were a bunch of cool rocks to climb on around camp and I took lots of photos. I also spent a nice time with Patty and Jeff. If I already did not think them badasses, I learned they are both in their 70’s and just starting their own Seven Summits ambitions. They already have Mont Blanc in queue for this summer and plans for Aconcagua. I wish I had more time to pursue these same ambitions.

I requested no lunch but to have a 3PM supper so I can sleep. I need to rest for the big day tomorrow/tonight! I have everything packed and ready to go. I will wake around 11PM for tea and cookies before we set off.


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