Tahoe Rim Trail: Day Three

Day Three – 17 July 2018 – Tuesday

Gilmore Lake (8327ft; mile 133) to Tahoe City (6250ft; mile 0)

40.0 miles today of 104.6 miles total

5,314ft gain

Gilmore Lake was the perfect place to camp last night! Dick’s Pass also would have been amazing, but so happy about my morning. The sunrise over the lake this morning was incredible!

Today I saw a yellow bird with dark stripes and a bright orange head. I am terrible at bird IDs, so if anyone has an idea, please let me know! I met three thru hikers today: Twizzler, who unfortunately lost his phone on the trail somewhere and was in desperate search mode, and his companions, Songbird and Spooky. I also hiked past trail crews today. I always love seeing these generous souls helping improve and tend to the trails, the places I call home.

Today felt great! Big miles and all smiles (taking a page from my trail idol, Smiles and Miles!)! I gained a fifth wind, so to speak, when I discovered I had full service five miles from Tahoe City and there was a cheap room in town. I booked the room and then booked the last five miles. This turned out to be a great plan as I rounded the trail close to town, where I had been planning to stealth camp, to find an obnoxiously loud camp or cabin too close and a mama bear with cub meandering across the trail. I didn’t need another sign to finish hiking into town. Plus, I didn’t pack my bug net for my tarp, and the incessant buzz of mosquitos drives me to an irrational place. They rarely even bite except for my face and feet. Mostly they just buzz around my face and make me crazy.

I hiked exactly 40 miles today. I could not have planned today so perfectly. I hiked into Tahoe City about 8:40PM. Late but very worth it. At the hotel I scrubbed my body like no tomorrow. Unfortunately most of the restaurants are only open until 9PM, so I ended up walking half a mile to find supper at Bridgetender Tavern and Grill. I ate a delicious veggie burrito with chips and salsa. I almost stopped for dessert, but it was already way past hiker midnight. My body sure aches.

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