4PM – Science-A-Thon

Most of my day-to-day time is spent working on my computer. Depending on where I am in a project, that might mean collecting data on the mass spectrometers, synthesizing that data into fancy-looking plots, reading articles or textbooks, and writing notes and ideas into my active papers. That is the often overlooked, more mundane side to science. As impressive as field work, high-tech facilities, and crunching data may seem, my actual life as a scientist is mostly spent at my desk, staring into a computer screen. It can feel overwhelming and tiresome, but it is always worth the long hours and sleep deprivation to reach that final step of completing a project.


Please join me in championing this cause to help support future generations of scientists by donating at my campaign page: https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/science-a-thon-2018/elizabetherickson11/ You can also follow my “Day of Science” on Instagram @schemerthedreamer



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