Race Schedule 2014

The races are ordered by date.
Race Schedule 2014

April 13, 2014 – Horsetooth Half Marathon (13.1miles)

  • Start: Hughes Stadium, Ft. Collins, CO
  • Aid stations at 2.5, 5, 8.5, and 11.5 miles, include water and gel product.
  • Parking at starting area, Hughes Stadium. Buses provided to transport from finishing and festivities area back to parking lot (9:30-12:30)
  • Rules: No pets allowed.
  • Course Description: The Horsetooth Half Marathon begins at CSU’s Hughes Stadium and travels west and south on County Road 42C (the road running along the south side of the stadium parking lot). Proceeding on County Road 42C, then proceeding north on Centennial Drive (County Road 23), the course follows the east side of the reservoir and then continues north to Bingham Hill Road.
    Turning east on Bingham Hill Road, the course continues to Overland Trail and then turns north. Taking Overland 200 yards, across the Poudre River, and down on to the Poudre West bike trail using the west side access, the course then follows the Poudre bike trail east to Fort Collins, under College Avenue, and then to Linden Street.
    Turning north on Linden, the final 800 meters runs down to Buckingham Street where the course turns east and then to the finish on the south side of the New Belgium brewery.
  • Driving Directions: To the start: The starting line is located at CSU’s Hughes Stadium. If you’re coming from outside Fort Collins, take the Prospect Rd. exit on I-25 and go west. Follow Prospect Road through Fort Collins. Three miles after crossing College Avenue you will arrive at the Prospect and Overland Trail intersection (traffic light). Take a left (going south) on Overland Trail and after 800m you’ll see Hughes Stadium on your right.
    To the finish: The finish line is located just south of the New Belgium Brewery on Buckingham St. The Brewery is located on the northeast corner of Linden and Buckingham Streets. Parking is available in the large parking lot on the northwest corner of Linden and Buckingham. If you are coming from out of town, take the Highway 14 exit (Mulberry St.) and proceed west to College Avenue (approximately 4 miles). Turn north (right) on College Avenue through Old Town Fort Collins, across the Poudre River to Vine St. Turn east on Vine (a right turn) and drive about 500 yards to Linden St. Turn right on Linden St. and drive a few hundred yards to the Brewery which will be on the east side of the road (your left). Parking will be located on the right.
    From the starting line: leave Hughes Stadium and drive north on Overland Trail to Mulberry St. (approximately 2.5 miles) and turn east (right). Travel east on Mulberry to College Avenue and turn north (left). Follow College Avenue through Old Town Fort Collins, across the Poudre River to Vine St. Turn east on Vine (a right turn) and drive about 500 yards to Linden St. Turn right on Linden St. and drive a few hundred yards to the Brewery which will be on the east side of the road (your left). Parking will be located on the right.
  • http://www.horsetoothhalfmarathon.com/race-information/course-map/

May 3, 2014 – Collegiate Peaks Trail Run (25 miles)

  • Start: 715 E. Main, Community Center, Buena Vista, CO 81211. Ready at Start Line at 6:15, race start 6:30.
  • Aid stations: Located at miles: 0.0, 5.7, 11.7, 14.6, 17.9, 21.8, 25.0. The 25 mile cutoff time is 12:15.
    There are five aid stations on the course – located at roughly 4-6 mile intervals (see “Cutoff Times” below for all aid station distances). There is also an aid station at the halfway point specifically for the 50-milers.  At a minimum, each aid station is stocked with water, energy drink (Hammer Nutrition’s HEED – flavors may vary), pretzels, potato chips, cookies, M&Ms, and bananas.
  • Parking: In general, there is ample parking in and around the Community Center. Parking on Friday will be ‘at will’. However, on Saturday morning, volunteers will be on hand to direct you to appropriate spaces – please look for them and follow their directions.
  • Rules: So, with that said, crews, bicycles, pacers, supply “stashing”, ‘mechanical’ assistance (e.g. trekking poles,…), and other forms of assistance are strictly prohibited (see one exception below). There are no provisions for drop bags via aid stations on the course.  We do advise all runners to carry extra food, water, and warm clothing. While this is the ‘Banana Belt’, conditions on Race Day can be – and often are – “iffy” and ever-changing. Further, while even the race director loves nothing better than running our local trails with his dogs, it is the case that dogs (and all pets) are strictly prohibited from the race(don’t worry, they’ll be excited to see you at the finish line).
    Numbers must be pinned and clearly visible/readable on the front of each runner in order to allow for easy identification by race volunteers – and in order for you to avoid potentially being slowed down by the identification process (and, also, for runner photos).
  • Course Description: Beginning and ending near the Arkansas River in Buena Vista, the course primarily follows single-track and Jeep trails along part of the old, historic Midland Railroad as well as through other scenic areas north and east of town. Encompassing great scenery and spectacular views, much of the course runs through lands managed by the National Forest Service and/or Bureau of Land Management. Due to trail changes and/or closures instituted by those agencies, participants in 2004 were the first to enjoy a slightly different course from the one run for the previous number of years. Truly “new and improved”, the current course retains most of the previous course along with great new added segments! 25-miler’s do the loop once (clockwise) and the 50-miler’s do it twice (the second time around, counterclockwise). Very much an up-and-down course, over 2,500 feet in elevation gain / drop is delivered in each loop!
    Our practice is to provide a course marked “by runners for runners”.  Generally we use a combination of the following primary materials – flagging (usually orange), red wire flags, and flour.  A few things to keep in mind – Flagging is primary course marking;  all turns will be CLEARLY marked;  so, if you get to what looks like an intersection, do not make a turn unless is is CLEARLY marked to do so – otherwise, proceed straight ahead;  turns are generally marked “on the inside”  of the turn you’re making (e.g. for right turns, most markings on your right side – and vice versa); the red wire flags (stuck into the ground) are often used for this “inside” marking;  flour will also be used “inside” but may also be on the outside – but in all cases will normally be in the form of arrows.
    For all intents and purposes, this is a dry course.  Technically, though, there is one creek crossing – at approximately Mile 10 or 11.  There have been year’s where it takes some creativity to get across without getting wet – but those years are rare.  Normally, even when the creek is running, folks can just step or jump across.  In the most recent years, it has been essentially dry.In  case  our  topographical  course map is  difficult  to  read  or  print or  you  are  a  bit  ‘spatially challenged’ (like many of us…), the following text directions may be more helpful. Please note, these directions should NOT be considered as needed at all on Race Day. We strive to maintain what we consider to be a VERY WELL MARKED course – marked literally “by trail runners for trail runners”. Directions here are for either you over-achievers who want to come down before the  race  for  “recon/training”  runs  and/or  for  those  masochists  among  you  who  might  want  to revisit the scene of the crime sometime after the race!
    CR = County Road (metal, typical Colorado road signage);
    FSR = Forest Service Road (typical brown, plastic forest service free-standing-signage or, white and green signage attached to wooded posts);
    FST = Forest Service Trail (same as for FSR);
    TCMM = Total Course Mile Mark;
    RT = Right Turn
    Beginning from the community center: follow dirt/gravel road toward river; road will turn north as it leads down to the river; continue following the road past the foot-bridge that leads across the river (do NOT turn onto the foot bridge!); from the foot-bridge, road continues up a very short rise where it begins to turn left/west – at that point you will see a foot-path leading north along and above the river – follow this; at approximately  1 mile total distance from community center, you will come to an intersection on the foot-path; turn left and you should see beginning of a pave road approximately  100 yards out – head for that pavement;
    This paved road is CR 372; follow 372 approximately 200 yards until it intersects (ends) at CR 371; turn RT onto CR 371; from here, directions are as follows –ƒ
    CR 371 approximately 2 miles to CR 375; turn RT; (if you reach tunnels, you just passed 375 – go back!);
    CR 375 uphill approximately ½mile (?) until road appears to have fully topped out (“a plateau”); at this point road should take a hard left turn – at this point continue straight off of road into a very small natural parking area (space for 2-3 cars) – and you should almost immediately see sign for, and beginning of, FST 6037;
    FST 6037 to FSR 376; turn RT – and go only about 50 yards before looking for FST 1415 beginning on left side of the road;
    FST 1415 to CR 375C;ƒ
    CR 375C to CR 375 (approximately TCMM here is 6); turn RT – and go approximately ¼mile to FSR 375A;
    FSR 375A to FSR 373 (at this point 375A is ending/intersecting at 373; if you are simply running along, you should transition correctly onto 373 without any actual turn –  without even realizing it (and that’s just fine); however, for those of you really who do see the signage, DO NOT turn right onto 373);
    FSR  373  (or  still  “375A” for  those  of  you  who  didn’t  realize  the  transition) – follow several miles until intersecting/ending at FSR 311; note, as you are heading towards this intersection, you will pass by a natural stone arch way up in the rocks to left of the course somewhere around TCMM 10.8 to 11.2 – if interested, keep your eyes peeled; TCMM at intersection with 311 is 11.7; turn RT onto 311;
    FSR 311 to FSR 376; turn LFT;ƒ
    FSR  376  to  FSR  376A  (this  interesting  section  is approximately 3.5  miles  in  length –beginning  with  a  trek  through  a  usually  very  sandy  area  and  concluding  with  the famous/infamous two-mile climb up ‘Lenhardy Hill’ (all run able, but for most, a bit of a grind); top  of  hill  is  race  elevation  high  point  of  about  9400ft – and  on  race  day,  a welcomed aid station! (approximately TCMM here is 17.9); turn RT;
    FSR 376A DOWNHILL to intersection with start of FST 1450A; note, FSR 376A takes a relatively hard right turn here – DON’T go that way; instead turn slightly left straight on 1450A;
    1450A to 1450 – also known as the “Midland Trail”); while there may be little or no customary FS signage, the trail is marked with circular Midland Trail markers mounted on posts; the transition turning right onto this single track is quite natural (you very likely won’t even realize there’s a left turn option…);
    1450/Midland Trail approximately 1.5 miles to CR 304 (approximately TCMM here is 21.8); essentially continue straight forward onto CR from trail – do NOT turn left on 304;
    CR 304 approximately 2 miles – where you will see trails leading off the road – both to the right and to the left; to the right is FST 6032 – do NOT take this trail; instead take the left trail marked with Midland Trail circle on post; this is a steep 0.9mile descent down to the river and to the foot-bridge that  you passed when starting out some 3 hours earlier (o.k. for most of us mortal, non-mutants, 4 or 5 hours earlier……);
    Cross bridge, turn LEFT, and proceed back up to the community center for a well earned reward of your choosing!!!!!!!!
    Course Conditions: http://www.collegiatepeakstrailrun.org/Current-Course-Conditions
  • Driving Directions: At the stoplight (yes, we still have only one), turn east off of hwy 24 onto Main Street. Head ½ mile and look for the community center on your right – there is a playground, picnic area, and pay showers. To finish, runners simply cross the finish line pausing just long enough to collect finish medallion and for volunteers to record time. Pay showers (bring quarter supply) available at Community Center.

June 1, 2014 – Steamboat Marathon (26.2 miles)

  • Start: 7:30 Sunday, June 1, 2014. Finish at courthouse in downtown Steamboat Springs. Bus pick up 5:45-6:15 at 8th and Oak Street to take to starting line.
  • Aid stations: Located at miles 3, 6.5, 10, 13, 15.5, 18, 20.5, 22.5, 24.5, and the finish.
  • Parking is highly limited, try near courthouse if available.
  • Rules: Cutoff at 1PM, all course support and aid ends at 1PM.
    Pets and pacers are not allowed.
    Course is USATF certified and so a Boston qualifier.
  • Course Description: Run alongside the roaring Elk River through the emerald green pastures on Country Road 129 with the snow-capped Rocky Mountains of Colorado all around and find out why the Steamboat Marathon was ranked as one of the “Top 10 Destination Marathons in North America.”
  • Driving Directions: 

June 29, 2014 – Heart and Sole Half Marathon (13.1 miles)

    • Start: 7:15 behind Lazy Dog Saloon on 14th Street. Arrive by 6:00 at the latest.
    • Aid stations: 11 aid stations along route every ~2 miles, include: portable toilets, limited first aid, water, Powerade, Power gel, pretzels, bananas, soda.
    • Parking
    • Rules: Pets and pacers not allowed.
      Cutoff at 12:00, all course support and aid ends.
    • Course Description: The 2014 Heart & Sole Half Marathon is a USATF-sanctioned, professionally chip-timed road race, held in downtown Boulder, Colorado framed by the majestic Colorado Front Range foothills.
      When viewing course map: Course is 2 loops around the red line and and addition of the cyan loop to finish
    • Driving Directions: 
      Course is twice around red line in addition to cyan loop to finish.

August 16, 2014 – Grand Traverse Mountain Run (40 miles)

  • Start: 6:30 on Elk Ave in Crested Butte, CO
  • Aid stations: 5 aid stations with limited water, food and nutritional products. 1. Ferris Creek, 2. Intersection of Forest Service Trail 400 and 405, 3. Taylor Pass, 4. Barnard Hut, 5. Aspen Sundeck.
  • Parking
  • Rules: mandatory gear: 12oz water container, CORSAR card, Buff or light hat, dark sunglasses, wind shell with hood. Suggested additional gear: wind pants, sunblock, water sterilization, matches/lighter, compass and map, light gloves, trekking poles, emergency space blanket, running pack, cell phone.
    Cutoff 11AM at aid station #2 (Intersection of Forest Service Trail 400 and 405), runners will be turned around to head back to Crested Butte.
    Cutoff 2PM at aid station #3 (Taylor Pass), runners will be driven off Taylor Pass by event vehicles.
    Cutoff 7PM for race finish area.
    Runners must stay on designated trials, no short cutting.
    Grand Traverse committee has final authority on any question arisen during race. Aid stations have authority to act on behalf of Grand Traverse committee.
    Racers must leave each aid station by posted cutoff time.
    No littering.
    No stashing of supplies along course, no accepting aid except within 400 yards of designated aid stations.
    Participants will be pulled for medical or safety reasons if deemed in their best interest.
    No pacers.
  • Course Description: Runners will start on Elk Ave at 6:30AM, run to the Upper Upper Loop trail via Tony’s, over to Brush Creek Road, and out to Canal Trail. They will continue on through Death Pass (Trail 400) to Star Pass to Taylor Pass and Richmond Ridge and into the Aspen Ski Resort for the Finish at the base of Aspen Mountain.
    Starting on Elk Avenue in downtown Crested Butte, racers will climb more than 8,000 vertical feet in a semi supported backcountry race. Ascending both Star (12,507’) and Taylor Pass (11,928’), athletes will traverse the Elk Mountain Range on there way to an exciting finish at the base of Aspen Ski Mountain.
    The weather is a dominant factor for this run and can be as formidable as the terrain, the remoteness and the high altitude. Realize that late August thunderstorms are widespread. If you are pinned down, chances are that other runners are, too. Your position in the field will probably not change. Use the time wisely – eat, drink, stay warm, and rest. You will be able to run faster when the storm has passed. The course ranges from 7,907ft – 12,100ft, be prepared and train hard for this; especially if you are training at a low altitude.
  • Driving Directions: 

September 13, 2014 – Run Rabbit Run (50 miles)

  • Start: 6AM in front of The Bear, Steamboat Springs, CO. Must check in by 5:45. Coffee, water, Succeed, bathrooms available at start.
  • Aid stations: Located at miles 0 (bag), 6.4, 13.2, 18.4 (bag), 22.3, 25, 27.7, 31.6 (bag), 36.8, 42.6, 50 (bag).
    This is an out and back course.   The course goes up Mount Werner, and then goes right to Rabbit Ears before turning around.  It doesn’t get any prettier than that.  We think right now it’s just about exactly 50 miles – we ain’t making it longer so you think it’s harder.  It’s hard enough the way it is.  There will be aid stations at Mt. Werner (mile 6.4 and 43.6), Long Lake (approx. mile 13.2 and 36.8), Base Camp (approx. mile 18 and 32), and Old Rabbit Ears Pass-Dumont (maybe miles 22 and 28).  Depending on the weather, we will either have a volunteer who has obviously lost his marbles to check you in or a punch card at the turnaround at Rabbit Ears (mile 25).  Drop bags will be permitted only at Base Camp (mile 18 and 32).  There is also easy spectator and crew access at Old Rabbit Ears-Dumont.  We will try to get the drop bags returned to the Bear as quickly as we can, but they’ll have to be picked up by Sunday at 10:00 am at the latest.  If not, it goes to charity.  Or the circular file.  For an Aid Station chart with mileages and cutoffs, click 50 Mile Aid Stations, Mileage and Cutoffs.
    Only the aid station at Old Rabbit Ears Pass (miles 22 and 28, which we also call “Dumont”) will have crew or spectator access. To get there, take Highway 40 east from Steamboat up Rabbit Ears Pass.  Before reaching the East Summit you will see a sign on your left for the Dumont Campground.  Turn left.  Follow this paved road past the turnoff for the campground.  You will see a large rock monument on your left (about a mile from HWY 40).  Turn left. That’s where the aid station will be.  We hope.
    All aid stations will be stocked with at least Succeed and water, Honey Stinger waffles and chews, a cola and a non-cola beverage, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, turkey and cheese wraps or sandwiches, potato chips, cookies, some fruit and carrots.  If there are other items runners really want, let us know and if there’s enough demand, we’ll put it there.  We won’t put anything there though that might cause a litter problem – like Gu packets.  Aid stations will be manned by friendly, smiling volunteers, who will grin and hopefully do whatever they can to help you finish, but beware – those grins may be those that people reserve when they think they are dealing with the seriously deranged.  Smile back, say thank you and be kind.  They are volunteers.
    You all probably know this, but we’ll say it again:  Our insurance makes us promise that before we can shut down an aid station, every single last bunny rabbit be accounted for.  Please, please, please check in at every aid station, and in the very unlikely event you can’t finish and are forced to quit, make absolutely sure someone at an aid station knows about it.
  • Parking: There is very limited free two hour parking right near the start for those with family or friends dropping them off for the race.  There is also free all day public parking at the Knoll parking lot maybe ¼ mile away and there is free parking across from the Grand, right near the finish.  The Sheraton and the Grand, very close to the start, have all day parking for $10 per day and there should be some free (but not overnight) parking across from the Sheraton as well.  Those staying at our sponsor the Torian will have free parking in the Torian garage.
  • Rules: Limit 15 hours.
    The race will start in the dark so you will need a flashlight or headlamp, at least for a little while.  Please put your race number on your light so you can leave it at Mt. Werner aid station (approximately mile 6.2) or at Long Lake. Or we may have someone a few miles up the trail who’ll bring your flashlight down.  If you leave it at Mt. Werner though you can pick it up for the hop down the mountain in the dark, or we will return it to the finish.  If you have been really enjoying the views or spending a lot of time munching on the wildflowers so your pace has been more leisurely, you also might want to leave a flashlight at the Long Lake aid station, about 13 miles from the finish.
    If you ran our race before you know that the weather may be unpredictable, with rain or snow not out of the question:  please plan ahead.  Please be nice to all the volunteers, and if you see Harvey out there, please say hi and give him a big hug: it’s lonely being a pooka.  Please be nice to the environment.  Please be nice to each other.  And please have fun.
    No pacers, trekking poles, littering, cutting off course.
    Cutoffs: mile 27.7 at 14:30, mile 31.6 at 16:00, mile 36.8 at 17:30, mile 42.6 at 19:30, mile 50 at 21:00.
  • Course Description: The course is a spectacular 50 mile run through the beautiful mountains and fall colors of the Routt National Forest of northern Colorado. The 50 mile race starts bright and early at the Steamboat Springs ski area (elevation, 6,900 feet) on Saturday, September 13, 2014 and proceeds up, up, up to Mount Werner (elevation, 10,568 feet) then goes up and down and up and down some more and then across the Continental Divide to Rabbit Ears Mountain (elevation, 10,500 feet) before heading back and way down to the ski area.  It will be tough. Approximately 9,000 feet of climbing.
    We will try to have all runners issued Colorado rescue hiking permits.  We promise that the course will be well marked with nice colored ribbons so no one should get lost.  If you fall and hurt yourself please stay where you are and don’t try to short cut your way back.  We will have sweeps to make sure that all runners are accounted for. WARNING:  The course is not closed so others may be using it, such as hikers and mountain bikers.  Please be courteous.  It is also hunting season in Colorado so while we welcome and encourage (really encourage) bright colors and clever costumes, dressing as an elk may not be the brightest of ideas.  And please, no walking or hiking poles.  We don’t like them on an out and back course, especially on single track.Section 1: Starting at the base of the ski area (outside of the Bear River Bar and Grill where packet pickup will take place), ascend Burgess Creek to ‘Why Not’ access road to Rainbow Saddle, past the Four Points Hut.  Join the Storm Peak Challenge summer trail (rough two track) to the top of Storm Peak and the Mount Werner aid station. There is approximately 3,600 feet of elevation gain along this 6.4 mile section.
    Section 2: From the Mt. Werner aid station join Mountain View Trail (FS Trail 1032). Descend the ridge off Mt. Werner with beautiful views of the meadows of Hogan Park to the south and the rocky peaks of the Zirkel Wilderness to the north. This is single track. A short steep descent at the end of the Mountain View Trail will bring you to a trail junction with the Fish Creek Falls Trail (FS Trail 1102). Take a right onto 1102 (heading east).   You will quickly arrive at Long Lake. Rounding the north shore of Long Lake to the Long Lake aid station. There is about 700 feet of gain and 1,200 feet of loss along this 6.8 mile section.
    Section 3: From the Long Lake aid station continue east along the Fish Creek Falls trail for approximately 1.3 miles to the four way intersection with the Wyoming Trail, FS Trail 1101. Take a right (heading south) on the Wyoming Trail. Another beautiful section of trail awaits. As you run south through open meadows and old growth spruce, fir, and pine forests, keep an eye out for Lake Elmo. Stay straight through the junction with Lost Lake and you will quickly come upon Fishhook Lake. Much like Mountain View, this is rolling singletrack. A quick descent down the Fishhook drainage will lead to a modest climb up to the Base Camp Trailhead aid station. This 5.2 mile section of trail has 550 feet of gain and 450 feet of loss.
    Section 4: From the Base Camp aid station head southeast along the Base Camp Road (FS Road 311) for about 1/2 mile to the junction with the Wyoming Trail, FS Trail 1101. This right hand turn on 1101 will be well marked but please don’t miss it. Follow the 1101 trail to a short, steep descent to a stream crossing. Cross the stream, continue along the 1101, and look out for Dumont Lake below you. The trail follows an old ditch above the lake for almost a mile until you come upon the Dumont Campground. There is a short section of dirt road on the outskirts of the campground. Look out for a hiker sign on your left, again this will be well marked. Take this left, and follow to the Dumont aid station. This is a short section, about 3.9 miles, with about 100 feet of gain and 550 feet of loss.
    Section 5: From the Dumont aid station head to Grizzly Creek Road, FS Road 291. Follow this rough jeep road as it climbs steadily uphill to the base of the Rabbit Ears. At the end of this road you can literally reach out and touch them. A volunteer will be at the turnaround to punch your bib, otherwise there is no aid here, other than the terrific views of the Gore Range, Rawahs, Flattops, and Rabbit Ears Pass area. Catch your breath, turn around, and pound back down to the Dumont Aid Station. This 5.4 mile section has approximately 1000 feet of gain and loss.
    Section 6: This is the reverse of Section 4. Follow the 1101 from Dumont along the lake back up to the Base Camp Road (311). Take a left onto Base Camp Road and follow it for about a half mile back to the Base Camp aid station. 3.9 miles, 550 feet of gain, 100 feet of loss.
    Section 7: This is the reverse of Section 3. Follow the 1101 out of Base Camp down to the Fishhook drainage, then climb back up to Fishhook Lake. Go straight through the junction for Lost Lake, then take a left at the four way intersection with the Fish Creek Falls Trail, FS Trail 1102. Follow this trail for 1.3 miles back to the Long Lake aid station. 5.2 miles, 450 feet of gain, 550 feet of loss.
    Section 8: This is the reverse of Section 2. Follow the 1102 out of the aid station back along the shores of Long Lake. From the aid station it is .8 miles to the trail junction with the Mountain View Trail (FS Trail 1032). Take a left onto the Mountain View Trail, and follow it as it climbs back up the ridge to the Storm Peak aid station at the top of the Steamboat Ski area. 6.8 miles, 1,200 feet of gain, 700 feet of loss.
    Section 9: From the top of the ski area, follow the Storm Peak Challenge trail (rough two track) back down to the Four Points hut, Rainbow Saddle, and eventually the Why Not access road. Why Not will graciously take you back down to the base of the ski area, the finish line, pizza and beer. 6.4 miles, 3,600 feet of loss.
  • Driving Directions: To get to The Bear, drive up Werner Road to the ski basin, towards Gondola Square.  If you’ve parked at the (free) Gondola Square Parking Garage (opposite the Sheraton), follow the signs to Gondola Square.  Look for the gondola and then look left. The Bear is right opposite the gondola.  If you’re staying at the Torian, well, The Bear is a short walk down the path to the gondola.



October 11-12, 2014 – 24 Hours of Boulder Endurance Race (24 hours or 100 miles)

  • Start: 9:00AM on Saturday, Oct 11, 2014.
    Finish by 9:00/15:00 on Sunday, Oct 12, 2014.
  • Aid stations: 2 stations: Base Camp (start/finish) and half-way mark.
    Water and food may be supplied to any racer, by anyone, anywhere on the course. However, racers must stay well clear of the course when taking food or water. A strict Leave No Trace policy will be implemented. There will be an aid station with water, sports drink and energy gels halfway through the course.
    We will provide hot food throughout the night at the Base Camp and Hammer Gel and Hammer Heed/water will be provided at aid stations.
  • Parking
  • Rules: Pacers are allowed for solo 24 Hour runners and 100 milers only, starting at 7:00 pm on Saturday. All pacers must check in at the registration table.
    Although everyone is welcome, the team captain and solo runners must attend the pre-race meeting.
    Racers must log-in on each lap at the Base Camp located at the Start/Finish area. The team baton must be passed from one racer to the other within site of the timing official. There will be a running clock, therefore the lap splits will run from lap-end time to lap-end time. It is the team’s responsibility to verify that each racer is logged-out correctly. Each racer must clearly state your number and wait until the race official acknowledges that your time and number are recorded. There will also be a number check at the aid station. Time will not be logged and baton transfers are not allowed at this checkpoint. It is important that you check in at the aid station or your lap will not count.
    Racers must display their race numbers at all times.
    While running a lap, racers must stay on the designated course. Any racer that goes off the designated course (i.e. shortcutting) will result in a disqualification of that racer and team.
    Racers entering the course two hours before sunset on Saturday and up to one-half hour before sunrise on Sunday must carry a light source and it must be in good working order. Racing with lights out is permitted but all runners must have some sort of lighting affixed to the outside of their clothing while light is off (i.e. glow stick). The course will be marked with reflective tape. We suggest using a headlamp or a handheld light that can be raised to eye level for night time navigation in order to maximize the reflective tape.
    Solo 24 Hours racers will not be entered into the 100 mile standings.
    All 100 milers finishing before the 24 hour mark will be included in the 24 Hour awards at 9:30. All others will be given their awards as they cross the finish line.
    Come race in your best Halloween costume and win a prize. Costumes will be voted on at the awards ceremony and a prize will be given to the crew member and runner with the best costume. Runners must complete at least one full lap in their costume.
  • Course Description: 7.14 mile lap (lap 14 ends at exactly 100 miles) with approximately 100 feet gain per lap with an aid station at approximately 3.5 miles. There will be approximately 1,400′ for the 100 mile category.
    This race is a fast flat course. The course is an even mix of pavement, dirt road and smooth single track with a stunning view of Boulder’s front range. And after each 7.14 mile lap, you’ll return to Base Camp, complete with lots of food choices and the tent city with easy access to your gear, team and crew.
    Race under the sun and stars in the running mecca of Boulder, Colorado. 24 Hours of Boulder is a series of endurance races that brings out the sense of adventure, stubborn determination and fun in every competitor!
  • Schedule: Saturday, Oct 11
    6:30-8:30 packet pick-up
    8:45 pre race meeting
    9:00 race begins
    19:00 pacers allowed for solar runners
    Sunday, Oct 12
    9:00 last lap for 24 hour race
    9:30 awards for 24 hours and 100 milers finishing before 9:00
    15:00 100 mile cutoff
  • Driving Directions: Directions from Denver
    I-25 N / US-87 N
    Merge onto US-36 W via EXIT 217 on the LEFT toward WESTMINSTER / BOULDER.18.1 miles
    Merge onto FOOTHILLS PKWY / CO-157 N toward C U STADIUM. 4.9 miles
    FOOTHILLS PKWY / CO-157 N becomes CO-119 N / DIAGONAL HWY. .2 miles
    Turn right on N. 51st Street 1.1 miles
    Turn Right in the Boulder Reservoir past gate/entrance to Main Beach parking lot. Registration will be at the beach house.http://www.mapmyrun.com/us/gunbarrel-co/24-hours-of-boulder-course-route-10223587

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