Ultra Running

With the noticeable lengthening of daylight time at the end of each day, I have begun plans for this summer’s adventures. The winner of “what venture I will take up this time” lottery is… ULTRA RUNNING. I am not historically a runner. In fact, I can truly say that my running debut began two years ago when I realized how much happier my body was when I ran/walked more than a single mile. That said, I am trying to set my ambitions high. Last summer I succeeded in reaching a point where I could run 6-12 miles every day with my down days filled in with hiking. The longest distance I have ever ran is approximately 16 miles. So this summer I am going to work my way up to a 50 mile endurance run. And if everything goes well, I may enter into a final endurance run or either 24 hours or 100 miles. I am going to see how the rest goes before I try and become too ambitious though.

As I have only just begun my inquiries into this venture, I have little to say as of yet. However, I have finalized my running agenda and it is as follows:
April 12, 2014 – Horsetooth Half Marathon (13.1 mi) ->Ft. Collins, CO
May 3, 2014 – Collegiate Peaks Trail Run (25 mi) ->Buena Vista, CO
June 1, 2014 – Steamboat Marathon (26.2 mi) ->Steamboat Springs, CO
June 29, 2014 – Heart and Sole Half Marathon (13.1 mi) ->Boulder, CO
August 16, 2014 – Grand Traverse Mountain Run (40 mi) ->Crested Butte, CO
September 13, 2014 – Run, Rabbit, Run Endurance Run (50 mi) ->Steamboat Springs, CO
and still pending…
October 11, 2014 – 24 Hours of Boulder Endurance Race (either 24 hours or 100 mi) ->Boulder, CO
I have officially registered for all the events outside the 24 Hours of Boulder Endurance Run. I also have an extensive collection of information about each of those races already collected. In a rough format currently, that information can be viewed here.

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